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Qubox is a highly addictive puzzle game which makes use of colours. The rules of Qubox are simple, you get a colour and fill a tile with that colour. When you make a straight row of 3 tiles with the same colour, the surrounding tiles will turn white again. But when you make a row of only 2 tiles with the same colour, you'll be game over. You'll also be game over when you've filled the entire field with colours! Try to fill as many tiles as possible and get the highest score! Can you beat the score?

Qubox is available to play for free on Android and Iphone.
Qubox contains In App Purchases, these purchases will unlock new game modes. 2 Modes will be available for free fully.

Click on one of these links and try out Qubox, or search for it in the AppStore or on GooglePlay:
iOS AppStore (4+ rating)
Android GooglePlay(4.7/5 stars)


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